Ku'uipo Charter Fishing Services


Daily private booking are available:
• $500 for a half-day
• $695 for a 3/4-day
• $835 for a full-day

Because of our years of experience, our crews are happy to offer full-day shared fishing charters on Tuesdays and Fridays:
• $187 per person for a full day.

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All charters are subject to Hawaii state sales tax and harbor fees. We also schedule special and VIP trips for multiple days, research projects, films & movies and more.

Daily deep sea fishing charters depart from the south side of Honokohau Harbor Slip G14, conveniently located off Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway, typically at 6:30AM. However, please confirm the check in time with your captain upon booking as departure times are subject to change with the seasons.

Just bring your food and drink for the day as large coolers and ice are already on board. Catering is also available on request. Fishing tackle, gear and licenses are included. We welcome seasoned anglers or those with no previous fishing experience for the charter fishing adventure of a life time. Our daily morning briefing covers all the sport fishing details to get you ready for that first bite!


We here at Ku'uipo Sport Fishing know our fishing, but we also know how to have a good time. The Big Island has some of the finest landscape and breathtaking scenery, best seen via the sea. City lights and colorful sunsets are here every day to enjoy.

From November through March, the humpback whales migrate to Hawaii to birth their young. These gentle giants seem to take joy in breaching and showing off for us, just off of the Big Island coast. There are also pods of spinner dolphins that frequent the area year round.

All of our sunset cruises are BYOB, bring your favorite cocktails and snacks. We have coolers, cocktail ice, cups, plates, napkins for your use aboard. Bring your camera for the views and scenic shots. Have a romantic evening for two or a party.

We will customize your evening adventure, just call or e-mail us with your ideas or needs. Maximum number of passengers is six.

• $250 per hour (minimum of two hours)

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Departure from Honokohau Harbor is 5:00pm and 5:30pm. (Let us know if you have another location in mind.) The usual duration is between one hour and one hour and a half, in total.

This includes scattering of ashes and traditional circling of the site. We recommend that you bring loose flowers to set adrift during and after the ash scattering.

• $200 = Unattended scattering of ashes
• $250 = up to 6 passengers

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All guest must check in 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Fish Policy

Any fish caught over 100lbs will stay with the boat and not be cut. Any fish under 100lbs will be cut and split 50/50 with a max of 50lbs leaving the boat. All fish cutting is ultimately at the captain’s discretion. Make sure to ask for homestyle recipes!

Cancellation Policy

48 hours, any trip canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled check in time are nonrefundable.

Hawaiian Miles Credit card

We give 2 miles for every dollar spend with your Hawaiian Miles Credit Card if that is your choice of payment.

Gift certificates

Yes, we offer gift certificates for all services.

Ku'uipo Sport fishing


Blue Marlin   Striped Marlin   Spearfish (Chuckers)

The pacific blue marlin is the biggest predator that feeds in the waters off the Big Island. Hawaii has a decent number of Blue Marlin year round, however they tend to show up in big numbers during summer. The Blue Marlin is strictly a heavy tackle fish, targeted by either trolling or live baiting with tunas. Blue Marlin are known to exceed five hundred pounds in Hawaii’s productive waters, with a good sized fish coming in around 250 pounds. Blue marlin are not regarded are great eating fish, but when smoked it is a local favorite.

  Striped Marlin are an integral part of our winter fishery. They migrate through our waters from December to April and range in size from 30 to 120 pounds. Striped Marlin are known to be very acrobatic and colorful. The often travel in packs and are known for multiple hook ups.   The smallest and rarest member of the billfish family shows up in big numbers around winter-springtime. They are more prevalent in Hawaiian waters than any other place in the world. The average spearfish comes in just around 40 pounds, with a good fish exceeding 60. What the spearfish lacks in size though, it makes up greatly for in taste. Widely regarded as one of the best tasting fish avaliable here in the islands, the spearfish is great raw as sashimi, grilled or lightly fried.
Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)   Mahi Mahi (Dorado, Dolphinfish)   Ono (Wahoo)

Ahi are most prevalent during the summer season and are viewed as one of the most prized catches in these waters. With fish known to exceed over 200 pounds, Ahi are a heavy tackle fish. Any Ahi under about 100 pounds is known as Shibi. Shibi are avaliable year around. Ahi can be found year round, if you're lucky, in dolphin pods off the Kona coast. Both fish are prime sources of raw sashimi or poke, but it can be grilled or pan fried.

  A fishermen’s favorite, known for its acrobatic jumps and aggressive feeding. Mahi Mahi are found year round, but are most prevalent during the spring. The average is about 20 pounds, with bigger fish reaching upwards of 50 pounds. Mahi Mahi is a light tasting fish that is better served baked, pan fried, or grilled with any number of seasonings.   The ono is one of the fastest fish in the ocean and has some of the fiercest teeth to go along with its impressive speed. Ono average around 20 pounds but many exceed forty. Ono are often fished for in shallower water, along the deep water ledges and drop offs. Ono are available year around in numbers ranging from average to great. Ono is best served grilled lightly, for it cooks extremely fast.
Aku (Skipjack Tuna)        

A small torpedo-shaped tuna that is available year around in good numbers. It can reach upwards of ten pounds. The bigger the Aku the better it is to be used raw as sashimi. Aku can be grilled or panfried, too. As a light tackle adversary, Aku are great for anglers of all levels, and are targeted with 20 pound stand up tackle.





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